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Quality is our culture. 

We choose high-quality fabrics that are harmless to children and strictly control every step of production. Our mermaid swimwear and ankles are CE certified. Printing materials are also SGS certified. So our products are safe, please feel free to order.


About our Mermaid Tails

  • Our mermaid tails are swimmable! High quality swim suit fabric (80% polyester and 20% spandex) with 4-way stretch is chlorine and salt water resistant.
  • Our tails are walkable - meaning they are open at the bottom. This allows you to easily remove the monofin if you wish, and allows you to raise the tail for walking when needed.

About our Mermaid Monofin

  • Our plastic fin is super strong and flexible
  • Our soft foot pocket is stretchy and self-adjusts to fit a wide range of foot sizes.
  • Only our unique design separates your feet comfortably.

Mermaid Safety

Is your child ready for a mermaid tail and monofin? Our top mermaid makers are parents, too. We know the importance of fun and safe water toys, and work to ensure top safety for your precious mermaids and mermen. Our monofin and mermaid tail combination that is flexible, realistic, safe, and FUN! Our mermaid tails and monofins meet all United States and Australia Child Consumer Product Safety Standards!

Safety Features of our Mermaid Tails & Monofin:

Our tails have an open bottom for easy and fast access to legs and feet.

Our monofins do not have any straps that close around the ankles. Monofins can be easily tugged or kicked off.

Our monofins is light and have a neutral bouyancy; they don't weigh you down.

Our mermaid tails are made of regular stretchy swimsuit fabric, water flows through easily, the tails do not bog you down.

Parents report younger swimmers learning to swim faster with our monofins. They help create confidence and core strength, but are not a floatation device and must be used under adult supervision.


Our Guarantee

We promise excellent quality:

In the rare event that there a manufacturing defect (quality of workmanship, sewing) with either our mermaid tails, swimming suits, or monofins, we will either replace or repair the item at no additional cost to the customer. Defective items must be verified prior to receiving a replacement or repair. Contact us for more information if you have an item that you feel qualifies.


Note: Because of the nature of mermaid tail fabric, the sport itself, and the many different textures of swimming pools and pool decks/patios, we cannot be responsible and there is no guarantee for normal wear and tear of our mermaid tails. Normal wear and tear of mermaid tails includes the loss of sparkle and the wearing of holes, especially around the edges and tips of the fin and anywhere the swimmer rubs the tail on the pool or deck surface.


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