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About Us

Have you ever dreamed to swim like a mermaid after watching a mermaid movie? Gracefully and powerfully gliding through the water, your beautiful tail shimmering under the sunshine…


Juku Clothing Co. Ltd. can give you the mermaid experience you’ve always dreamed of. We are committed to bringing you quality mermaid tails, monofins, mermaid swimsuits, mermaid-themed clothes and accessories at the reasonable prices for kids, teens, and adult! We’re the 1st factory and BEST QUALTITY suppliers from China since 2012.


Our goal is to making your dream come into true, and have fun with pretty tails, even you use it many times, it won’t be worn, not fade.

Our sparkly Glimmer mermaid tails and swimming suits are made from shiny swimwear fabric, it’s shimmering under sunshine or light.

3D printed mermaid tails are made of 80/20% polyester/spandex material with 4 ways stretchy, it’s more vivid like real fish scales.

Fantasy mermaid tails are added side fins so it looks more beautiful.

Our HIGHEST quality tails are made with ultra-shiny, salt water-Resistant, anti-UV material and added tips protectors so it will last long time.


We do quality control testing on all batches of fabric to ensure the best color fastness and durability for your tails.

Our other mermaid scale items(mermaid costumes, leggings) will help you transition from the sea to the land while still staying true to your inner self.








Customer Ever Said

Am happy with it. The quality is even better than I expected. -- Peggy

I bought this for my 5 year old daughter for Christmas. She was very excited to get it. It fit her perfectly & she was able to flip around in the heated pool like a real mermaid ;) -- Dina