Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd. Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd. Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: Juku
No. of Employees: 100~150
Annual Sales: 500000-1000000
Year Established: 2012
Export p.c: 80% - 90%
About Us

Have you ever dreamed to swim like a mermaid after watching a mermaid movie? Gracefully and powerfully gliding through the water, your beautiful tail shimmering under the sunshine…


Juku Clothing Co. Ltd. can give you the mermaid experience you’ve always dreamed of. We are committed to bringing you quality mermaid tails, monofins, mermaid swimsuits, mermaid-themed clothes and accessories at the reasonable prices for kids, teens, and adult! We’re the 1st factory and BEST QUALTITY suppliers from China since 2012.


Our goal is to making your dream come into true, and have fun with pretty tails, even you use it many times, it won’t be worn, not fade.

Our sparkly Glimmer mermaid tails and swimming suits are made from shiny swimwear fabric, it’s shimmering under sunshine or light.

Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd.

3D printed mermaid tails are made of 80/20% polyester/spandex material with 4 ways stretchy, it’s more vivid like real fish scales.

Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd.

Fantasy mermaid tails are added side fins so it looks more beautiful.

Our HIGHEST quality tails are made with ultra-shiny, salt water-Resistant, anti-UV material and added tips protectors so it will last long time.

Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd.


We do quality control testing on all batches of fabric to ensure the best color fastness and durability for your tails.

Our other mermaid scale items(mermaid costumes, leggings) will help you transition from the sea to the land while still staying true to your inner self.









Juku Clothing began to make QUALITY fabric mermaid tails and monofin in child and adult sizes for swimming in 2012.

We started with simple sparkle mermaid tails in 2012.

Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd.

In 2014 we added 3D ptinted mermaid tails, from 2016 we expanded more series with new technology, that is adding shinny treatment and tips protectors on the tails so it's more beautiful and durable, it protect tails from holes, tearing, & shredding after swimming in pool or sea.

Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd.

Now there're hundreds of designs for options. Customized design can be made as well. Sizes are from toddler, youth, women,to men. So whatever age you’re, you can find a suitable mermaid tail from us.


We’re still do our ulmost to make more beautiful mermaid tails and will develop new technology to make all mermaids happy.


Dongguan Juku Clothing is a professional manufacturer who specialized in mermaid tails clothes, like mermaid tails for swimming, mermaid tail swimsuits (bikini, tankini, one-piece swimwear), mermaid costumes, mermaid leggings, and accessories like inflatable mermaid tails etc.


Our Advantages:

  • There’re about 100 different patterns for choice. New designs are made in each month.
  • All products are made of QUALITY material, stretchy, breathable, smooth, comfortable for skin.
  • Professional technology: All of our mermaid tails are made with special technology of shiny finish and tips protectors so our tails make you stand out from crowd in pools or sea. It’s like real fish scales shimmering and more durable.Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd.
  • OEM service: All of items in our store can be customized. Package method can be custom too. We can make custom designs as long as you send us your designs file. Or just tell us an idea of your thought, we shall help you to make your designs.
  • Sampling time: ship same of purchase for stock samples; 5-7 work days for customized sample.


After-sales Service

We promise excellent quality:

In the rare event that there a manufacturing defect (quality of workmanship, sewing) with either our mermaid tails, swimming suits, or monofins, we will either replace or repair the item at no additional cost to the customer. Defective items must be verified prior to receiving a replacement or repair. Contact us for more information if you have an item that you feel qualifies.

Note: Because of the nature of mermaid tail fabric, the sport itself, and the many different textures of swimming pools and pool decks/patios, we cannot be responsible and there is no guarantee for normal wear and tear of our mermaid tails. Normal wear and tear of mermaid tails includes the loss of sparkle and the wearing of holes, especially around the edges and tips of the fin and anywhere the swimmer rubs the tail on the pool or deck surface.


Our Team

Choose Juku Clothing, we together will expand more markets. We always believe quality products can help both our customers and our company to win more customers.



Design Department


Our design department makes beautiful patterns meanwhile considering of your child’s safety.

Mermaid Safety
Is your child ready for a mermaid tail and monofin? Our top mermaid makers are parents, too. We know the importance of fun and safe water toys, and work to ensure top safety for your precious mermaids and mermen. Our monofin and mermaid tail combination that is flexible, realistic, safe, and FUN! Our mermaid tails and monofins meet CE reports standard!

Safety Features of our Mermaid Tails & Monofin:

Our tails have an open bottom for easy and fast access to legs and feet.

Our monofins do not have any straps that close around the ankles. Monofins can be easily tugged or kicked off.

Our monofins is light and have a neutral bouyancy; they don't weigh you down.

Our mermaid tails are made of regular stretchy swimsuit fabric, water flows through easily, the tails do not bog you down.

Parents report younger swimmers learning to swim faster with our monofins. They help create confidence and core strength, but are not a floatation device and must be used under adult supervision.



Marketing department

Welcome send inquiry to us from worldwide. We shall quote best price according to your requirements in 8 hours.


Production department&quality control department

Staffs in this department makes the designs into realistic item. They must control strictly all materials and each processing.

Dongguan Juku Clothing Co., Ltd.


After-sales service
We stand behind our products, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, please contact us. We are committed to making sure you are the happiest mermaids worldwide!

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